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As Volkswagen continues to expand its ID. EV lineup, the automaker has been experimenting with a lot of different vehicle builds and styles. Two builds VW is bringing out in the next few years include a three-row SUV and an electric version of the classic Volkswagen Bus. There have also been rumors about an all-electric version of the iconic off-road SUV, the International Harvester Scout. VW even entertained the idea of designing a dune buggy. However, the newest concept model Volkswagen released, the ID. Life, is a four-door hatchback that looks oddly specific to the Honda e EV.

The Volkswagen ID. Life concept model

The Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept car | Volkswagen of America, Inc. Newspress Limited

In September 2021, Volkswagen revealed the ID. Life concept at the Munich auto show. According to Car and Driver, VW plans to launch this new model, a design combination of city cars and subcompact SUVs, in 2025. It has a 231-horsepower electric motor and a 57.0 kWh battery that has an estimated range of 249 miles. The roof, made of recycled plastic bottles, is made of air-filled pockets of a textile/plastic material and can be removed. Eco-friendly materials are used throughout, including natural rubber, wood chips, and rice husks. Additionally, the interior, when parked, can actually be configured into a bed, as well as a comfy spot to watch movies or play video games. 

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