IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Oct. 22, 2021

Question Answer(s) Anyone buying GM Phil. The earnings season is still young. Lots of possibility, pal. And I saw your golf notes late on Thu, sounds like a great round. Good morning! Is that Ed’s voice? 🤣 Happy Friday! 🥳🍻 Hey there Larry! Ticker of the day UNK. Not even shazam knows this one Jackie Greene, Recession Proof Gooood Morning and Happy Friday IBD Live! I got ready for our session in the key of Ted Lasso this morning. Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey’s masterpiece “Easy Lover” level (11). Great artists on the silver screen on stage, liking your taste Shane! DSC – Great game last night! Agreed! what up with DWAC Answered live GM all- DWAC formed a nice high tight flag on a 30 minute chart with a great 500% flag pole, would a 100% gap breakout be too extended??? Answered live DWAC, Trump’s SPAC listing, is insane! Up an absurd amount. It makes me question the adage ‘markets are rational’. I bought one share of DWAC as a joke. Truly as in crypto, I just scratch trying to understand why. You make a good point; markets are rational AND irrational! Dave, thoughts on UPST? Answered live NVDA hit traditional pivot and NH Answered live INTEL Wows . . . AMD and NVDA gains this morning. Answered live DAVID (Go Browns) I missed ABG and UFPI. They both trade less than 203K Average volume . . . UFPI broke a downward sloping trend line on 10/13. There are a number of small and mid caps that are providing opportunities . . . . Nice breakout indeed by Asbury! Good action by UFP Industries, too, indeed; amid these less liquid names, I’d just be aware of not building a position that is more than 3% of the daily average volume. Good rule of thumb from Mike Webster,
Charles Harris. Best round of the year considering real fast greens and tight fairways. I wish the ball went in for a hole in 1. Do you have any yet? Last wknd, Ken and I played in the LA city senior championship. We did not do great. But on Harding, No. 5 is a 160-yard par-3 and my easy 7-wood rolled to 10 inches, that’s the closest to my hole in 1 so far this year. Tweet on @SaitoChung Ali, good job on CROX yesterday. live answered Ross: Good Morning from Tupelo. Glad to see you this morning. Hope all is going well for you Nice greeting, Ed! Thanks for joining us DSC! Dirt Squirell filling in for Movember? Ha ha! Love the humor man! Good Morning IBD, welcome Ross! Now a face behind that lion! Great to see you! We are too, Shari! Hat Man, Happy trading today and nice win last night. Same to you, William! Yes, great play by Case and D’Ernest, for sure! I really liked their fighting spirit. Buying more FB this morning live answered Mr. Hatman … how are you handling SNAP? I sold with a small loss after the failed breakout in Sept. live answered Good Morning 🙂 ….Thoughts on Snap and MARA please live answered Dave it’s not MOvember yet!! Too soon on this breakout. 🙂 Ha ha! I’ll be patient then… 🙂 Yall have got to discuss DWAC. Heard about it at 2pm yesterday and put a 1% investment on it, up 103%. This may be a once in a year chance to buy a momentum stock that the 10 Million crayon eaters on WSB are on. Likely to be a pitbull on a
pork chop all day! it is worth the 1% risk!!! Tim, nice way of putting it. Good luck on the trade! Please review ASO. live answered Good morning! Is it time for PYPL to leave the Long Term Leader List? Thanks in advance for your guidance… Hi David, great Q; in fact, Chris, Justin and I discussed this very issue. We’re closely monitoring the relative strength. 20 RS Rating is certainly awful. But we also noticed how at 243, it’s only 21% beneath the 310 high, despite trading
beneath the 200-day MA. Cheers, Dave — I missed the past two sessions but if you haven’t discussed PYPL would love your take on when to exit this LTL. Thanks!! Hi Mark! I just answered this Q, could you pls see that? Cheers! Thoughts on SNAP? Seems like an overreaction? live answered what was the song on the intro this morning? Recession Proof by Jackie Greene Good morning, thoughts on BROS…Thanks Acting well this morning; retaking the prior two days’ of losses. Let’s see if the rally does not run quickly, whether Dutch Bros holds above 60 and form a new base atop or next to the first IPO base. Currently a quarter-size posn in Leaderboard. In steels, please include TX. Absolutely key to keep watching, you’re right Roger. Hope you saw my personal comment in the QA on Thu. Good morning, enjoying the show as usual! GM Hat Man 2! What were the morning tickers? CLF UPWK ABNB Symbols from Ross.thanks UPWK, ABNB among others Guys gotta say that all the knowledge ive been getting here made me get out of snap like 2 days ago. The price and volume didnt look good at all, specially on an new uptrend. The short term relative strengh was very weak as well. Thanks on
that Well done, Victor! GM IBD Live, let’s roll & go Astros! Thoughts on IPO DWAC please live answered Whar was the options website Ross mentioned re expected move? optionslam Ross mentioned a site… “Options Land?” … couldn’t make out what he said… optionslam 🙂 What was the name of the option site that Ross mentioned that he reviews before earnings Dave, what is the symbol of the first one you gave after talking about value vs growth please Ah, sorry Larry, I did not speak clearly enough; I highlighted WDAY BLD and then COPX CPER RJF NOC RTX GD TXT LHX I don’t see any questions today – do you see my mine? Hi Sara, Happy Friday! MNDY did it again .. intraday reversal yesterday Looking strong now… Good Morning! Could you please the new spac, DWAC. Thank you live answered DWAC up 190% at the open! live answered Good morning! How to handle SNAP? live answered Hat man …You mentioned Higher Yields points to ” implications for many sectors” Please name some of your favorites? Yes! Banking and money management, over the longer term; BLK and TROW have acted like long-term leaders. Some steady REITS may also do very well. PSA is impressive over the past year. You may have seen in the stock research tables how Banking,
S&Ls and Finance have been in the top 5 for quite a long while — Happy Friday everyone! Happy FriYay! ASO dead? live answered NOW NH, OPCO pt raised to 775. good action Leslie!! Abnb can u discuss Not fun to see it break the 21-day line, can it find support at the 10-week line? TSLA NH live answered CRWD trig live answered Can you get us an update on ASO swing trade ? live answered TSLA bouncing at 900 here, interesting to see if it can break through or reject from here live answered please look at ASO live answered DWAC does not seem to be undating on Marketsmith live answered TSLA finally breaking out to new highs! live answered AMAT running, huge move above 50 day here…wow live answered SNAP – Is it good idea to start a starter position? Dipping a lil? live answered Hatman – SHOP breaks 10day and 5o day – Any thoughts Likely a sympathy drop on Snap news, James? can you guys look at BROS live answered Can Ross explain what he means by Option slam? Not following? It’s a website! Is David Ryan in the background today? Wondering about his stance on NUE. Still holding NUE and STLD with small positions. If they start moving out, I will be adding. I will be using yesterday’s low as a place to get out. Can we look at crwd please, trying to break out? Thank you. live answered whai is yolo YOLO – You Only Live Once; FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out what’s YOLO? you only live once DOCS pulling back to original buy point… wonder if it will hold? It’s an interesting company long term. I sold my final stake around the 50-day line. I’ll keep watching but this may need that “institutional due diligence” phase. has AMAT been mentioned? live answered Hi, I was wondering if you guys could point to an article that helps set the moving averages lines correctly in Marketsmith. Thank you in advanced. Daily: 10, 50 and 200 are all simple; 21-day is EMA. We use the defaults on the weekly and monthly. Thank you team for this thorough analysis of CRWD. Really appreciate it! live answered Good morning. Please have a look at APPS, a drop in large volume this morning. Earnings due Nov 2. live answered Speaking of AMD, can we take a look at XLNX also Well, that’s being acquired by AMD. So XLNX, barring regulatory/merger risk, will trade with AMD. ASO amazing daily bar here, feels like a low risk place to add to position? live answered BYD is rumored to supply TSLA with batteries Thanks. Ed and I are monitoring this. He noted BYD and CATL are the primary suppliers of LFP batteries in the vast China EV market. ASO ? live answered NFLX — Feeling the heat regarding Chappel’s new special and an internal leak to the press regarding financial information associated with his (Chappel’s) special. Good to know Peter Any news on SHOP? Its down about 3.5% It could be a sympathy move w/ SNAP news. look at MTCH BMBL BMBL looks like it’s in the IPO due diligence phase. “Please cover the builders ,favorable seasonality XHB, NAIL” Hi Andre, while both are basing, nice to see them rising off lows, it’s been a while since the homebuilders have made really impressive moves. If you look at DHI, for instance, in Q3/Q4 of 2017, and 2H of 2019, this key builder made really
nice moves. And the breakout in March this year supplied a solid 25%, 30% gain. But the RS Rating and RS line have been foundering lately. That said, it’s interesting how in some years, the builders can rall nicely even as long-term interest
rates go up! Cheers, HatMan Dave intra day margin only Smart to me Is UPST round tripping from a breakout? Yes, from the high, tight flag entry. On a weekly chart, this def looks like a normal pullback after a huge gain in the prior week. APPS — Which was due for a shakeout, down, -5.13%. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF a snap back. Agreed. And could be the start of a new handle as well. I am up alot with UPST, should I be adding here? live answered “Hi IBD Team, would you be buying UVXY protection today with the VIX so low and greed high? Protection is cheap. Thank you for any insight.” We’ve had a nice move since the follow through. Today’s choppy action isn’t surprising. But I wouldn’t be looking for a big fall. Once we start trending above the 50-day and get 6% or more above the 50-day on the Nasdaq I would be looking
for a pullback and be ready to hedge. ALI and ED — Have a wonderful time later this morning (Investing Action Plan) — U will knock it out of the park . . . ’cause U R both amazing individuals!!!! Thanks Peter! Dare I say INMD tightening up . . . . EPS 4 days. Nice looking action. Big volume on Oct. 12 and 13 and now almost two weeks of quiet trading. The climactic action in September gives me pause. Suggestion: Is it possible to rank the daily stocks discussed on IBD Live? Perhaps even A, B, C, D? Is this already being done and I don’t realize it? We have an explainer article at on how to grade stocks — this is something each trader should do because each trader is different! Dave is much improved when it comes to discussing stocks he likes but pulling in the rules. Nice job on UPST. live answered I would love if you can just quickly touch on CROX live answered AN ATH live answered Ali – Barron’s live link please? Yes! Ross, please come back! Great guest on a great show. Fantastic! Thanks Everybody and Ross! I appreciate all you do, and how much you help us, the “common man” YW! AFRM is taking off again Answered live Alli, love the way you wrap up. I also like the way you organize the Recent Stocks list in MarketSmith. I may steal that technique. Cool Hatman, MRVI acting like MRVI You said it Ross! Thanks for being here! Have a great weekend IBD Live! See you monday! Nice! Great day everyone!…great weekend! You as well!

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