IBD Live QA Summary Stock Lists For Monday, Sept. 20, 2021

Question Answer(s) SCOTT BROOKS — Anyone who can put up with Russell Westbrook is one heck of a person – Good luck LAKERS. 🙂 He is a great coach I think but I am biased, loved his work ethic. Saw him always working on his game Get ready for a wild ride! Agree! Dave, they say that buying a bounce should feel scarey, would you buy SPY / QQQ’s here on the break above 50 day? Ah, good Q, Eric; I would wait to see how SPY and QQQ close today and tomorrow STLD?? All the steel stocks seem lousy. UPST, this won’t go down Amazing performance. You probably shouldn’t short until the market is in a confirmed downtrend. Anticipating it is a great way to go broke! And not just a cyclical bear market. But even in a bigger bear like in 2000 and 2008 it can be tough. As noted, the top 10 up days on the Nasdaq have all occurred during bear markets. BRKS showing a lot of RS this morning in a red tape, for now. Big news on selling its chip unit. David Ryan – had the best narket call with 80% cash – He probably one of the few investors who is focusing on his wish list. Congratulations to him!!! Cash seems like king today! TASK – Can we look at other stocks in group? They’re not faring so well. Wonde rwhy? Certainly chock full of big winners in recent years and months: DAVA EPAM GLOB and PRFT Chris, SPX is at the bottom of it’s expected Move. is that meaniful for a bounce? Depends on how long it stays below the channel line. As more days pile up, the greater the likelihood that the channel is broken. Is the lower the number for Earnings Stability, the better? Exactly. Runs from zero (highly stable) to 99 (wild) ALI rocks Fact check: True Great song and very fitting Glad you thought so Phil Good morning. GM Taher This reminds me of the Asian Contagion problem in the late 90’s that scared investors badly but ultimately was just a blip in a long bull run. Good point Mike; we did have an authentic bear market in 1997 and 1998, but hard to see it on a long term chart, certainly. Don’t forget it was not just the Thai baht and Korean won crises, but the Russian debt default and the collapse of
Long Term Capital Management, and the breakdown of Japan’s Long-Term Credit Bank (Cho-Gin). HatMan Dave Gooood Morning IBD Live! Gooood Day Shane! SBLK taking a beating this morning, gapping down well past my sell point, but glad I sold it. Actually, it was easy and I don’t have regrets, because if I only sold on “instinct,” and was wrong, I’d be emotionally bummed, but selling based
on rules takes the guessing out. And the emotion! Great example of how following the rules can dodge even greater losses. GM Ali – Love the red on you. Not the market, LOL Ha ha ha! Good Morning from Dallas! Hi John! could XLU be a good defensive play? Hi Joshua, XLU is not acting like a good defensive position, given how it’s now falling an eighth straight day. Kind of crossing DT Linr (MRNA) Hi Leslie, maybe a short trend line on an emerging handle may appear? Bullish sentiment. Sorry. Hi Robert, did not see your initial Q, but we’ve been seeing bullish sentiment among market pundits cool off lately, which ultimately may be a good thing. We track the weekly Investors Intelligence survey on Wednesdays, and right now it’s
at 50% bullish. And we’re talking about the VIX, zero-VIX right now. GM Dave, perfect song for this morning! Hi Tamara, team effort! GM! Russell 2000 is positive I don’t think that’s live pricing. I see the IWM ETF – Russell 2000 tracker – down >2%. Morning! Who else raised all kinds of cash Friday? SPY sits at a 61.8% retracement of Mid July 50 test.. I hedged completely Friday morning after the broke expectations by not moving higher. I did not like the action at all. Had no idea that the news this morning would hit the market. Scott, You would be down 3% if you were 30% invested and the market opened down 10%.. I knew .3 was too low, How did I get that wrong? LOL. Thanks when are “on the open” or “on the close” orders useful? I never use them but it seems a lot of institutions do, which is why we send volume spikes as the open and close. do you all remember Nov 9, 2020, vaccine news announcement day? My stocks got hit hard that day. Seems similar hit today with the new vaccine news? I think the news is Evergrande and (financial) contagion fears in China and beyond. Charles Harris has an hour and a half presentation on buying drops on TraderLion youtube !! I’ll check it out. “If you have time, could we look at ROVR please? It’s in the internet group. And, Bullish interest AND short interest were both high recently. Could you shed some light on that in the show? Thanks!” It’s a recent SPAC and fairly thin. Only trades $7.8 million in dollar volume. Our minimum is $20 million. Also short interest in terms of days volume increased 42% but it’s only 1.32% of the float, which is low. I don’t have marketsmith. How do I get blue dot info? It’s exclusive to MarketSmith! Is marketsmith working? Is it just my network? It’s working for me! Good morning, can we take a look at NVDA, ASML & U please? live answered How to handle gap downs? Wait for an hour or get out fast? live answered Is it too Late or too early to get into VIXY. live answered do we just sell once the 8% loss rule is triggered ? live answered What shorts are you playing? live answered Steel and shippers are getting destroyed – sell signals across the board? live answered Got Puts? 😉 live answered Ali – how a plan for names like PLTR. INMD and DVN. which were all highlighted last week. Sell or add on the weakness??? live answered NVDA – worth holding thru potential correction if avg cost is $178? live answered I appreciate all the negative talk, can you also talk about how you’ll look at/for bounces – maybe we’ll see them:) live answered IWM under 200 day line. live answered Why would anyone go short until they take IBD’s shorting course? live answered Look at RS Line Blue Dot screen on Marketsmith. 7 of the 8 stocks are in the #2 Industry Group. live answered NVDA – strong bounce off the 50 day with volume in a long term leader. Would you consider adding to a position here? live answered NVDA might be getting support at the 50 DMA. Potential Charles Harris buy here live answered TASK in #5 Industry Group. live answered BRKS up 9.72% live answered QQQ doing the limbo dance live answered MRNA now green live answered why BRKS seems to be breaking out live answered MRNA looking “immune” to the evergrande contagion live answered Moderna had a nice bounce off the 21d-EMA live answered BRKS is breaking out but it already looks extended live answered HOLY COW. LOOK AT BRKS, UP 10% live answered MRNA is up 1.5% live answered PLTR please… live answered I threw in the towel at market open. live answered Bill Signed: Go for it! W’ ONeil live answered HTMMS – in the old days Bill singed it “Go for it!” live answered Bill would say ” It’s Hard!” with his voice cracking on the “hard”. Then he would laugh a little bit and say “that’s why you have to work at it.” live answered That’s great, Coach Scott! Thanks for that reminder to show up and put in the work and you WILL see results. live answered Very good story; stay the course! Thanks live answered Is a lower Earnings Stability rating better or worse? Lower is better – more stable. What level in the indexes should we be watching today to gauge the direction of the market?? Most definitely the 50-day MAs for all the indexes. A close below the 50-day by S&P 500 helped trigger IBD’s downgrade of the outlook on Friday. When is the G250 updated? What time of the day? My guess is that it’s an hour or two after the market close. While everybody is crying in their beer, Brooks automation BRKS is looking strong relative to the market Nice – looks like BRKS is selling its chip biz as opposed to splitting into two firms: “Brooks Automation announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Semiconductor Solutions Group business to Thomas H. Lee Partners,
L.P. for $3.0 billion in cash.” Can someone comment on hznp as it is holding up well and closed strongly on Friday as well. Nice change in character. Before it would act well for a few days and then get hit, especially when the market stumbled. M on ST is holding up pretty well. Nice resilience lately at or near the 21-day exponential moving average. In Marketsmith, what is is the period of average volume? One year? on a daily chart, 50 days; on weekly, 10 weeks Justin, Ali & Ed are you trimming your longs at the opening this morning?? Personally, I’ll wait for at least 15 minutes. But likely to cut back. How do you manage stops on thinkorswim? Especially multiple lots. Also, is fifo the default? we usually want lifo. Right, on TD Ameritrade and other broker platforms, you do have the option to choose FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out) before you hit the sell or buy button. I think most panelists prefer LIFO on the sells. Scott is IBD in house motivational speaker! Sometimes; sometimes I bore you guys, you get the good with the bad with me 🙂 🙂 Scott – helpful insights on risk/reward dynamics – Thanks Thanks 🙂 The SPY is now below the deviation line you guys set a while back. Thanks for pointing that out. You guys really need to get your head out of the sand on shorting if you want to attract a younger audience. Thanks for sharing that Some of the attendee’s on IBD Live think it’s your fault the market is changing. You don’t control what will happen. It’s like, don’t shoot the messenger. Follow your rules. Seriously, the market cares less that they’re losing their inheritance!
It’s a zero sum game and something is winning when somebody else is losing. It’s time to study. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good Morning IBD! Perfect tune! 🙂 Thanks Shari! Cheers Thank you Scott for your clear guidance and thoughts. I’m learning so much from you. ALL of you, thank you! Thanks! 🙂 ABDE – would you hold through earnings tomorrow with a 17% cushion? That would be appropriate, given how well ADBE has acted. Assuming your entry was around 552, that’s not far from the recent cup base pivot of 525.54. The 50-day moving average is at 636, so that and the 10-week line are key technical levels to watch. Looking at the prior quarterly reports, looks like a 4% drop was the worst reaction — on Sept 16 last year. Best is yet to come, don’t give up! There you go! great words scott TY Thanks Scott, Words of wisdom. TY great story and talk Scott TY S&P has not spent 2 weeks beneath that line Very steady this year Do we wait for another rally day and follow-through-day on the NASDAQ? We’re not in a correction, so we don’t need a follow-through day. But waiting for some real strength makes a lot of sense. Can you move the industry group rank column in marketsmith and lock it so it stays closer to price? yes you can move the order of the columns! Is David Ryan on tomorrow? Yes! is it time to go short and why ??? You can always hedge to see how the market unfolds. But I wouldn’t be going net short at this point. Too soon to know if the market is rolling over. When the market opens significantly lower, do you stick with your sell rules (7-8%), or do you wait for an hour or 2 or longer to see what happens? You can always sell quickly. I often may sell half and then wait 30 minutes or more to see if the market finds any traction. With the mkt. continuing to drop, is there a screen you would recommend, to possibly see growth stocks that are hovering around the 50 day or holding up and not dropping like the mkt.? You could create a screen of 80 Composite and above the 50-day. Any speculation on what this evening is going to bring when the Chinese, Japanese, Korean markets open back up? Is there a possibility with the fragility of the Chinese market risk off sentiment we see an influx of $$$ into the U.s. Equities
markets? Thank you for your time. That’s an interesting thought. We may get an answer by end of this week? Hatman – how about SNAP – may be an attractive entry level here Staying sticky near the 50-day MA would be a short-term victory! Finally, I played SBLK well, as in: I actually sold into strength. I’ve been following IBD and changing my folio and it is coming together… Congrats! Good day to be 79% cash 🙂 Way to go! IBD LIVE TEAM — Great job today and please stay healthy – Health is everthing!!! 100% true Thank you DSC Absolutely thanks you all YW Thank you, guys, you are the best!!! Thank you so much! Have a great day IBD. Thank you so much! You got it!

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