IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, April 15, 2021

Great play. Who is it? Massive Attack’s Paradise Circus … used as theme song for Luther Happy Thursday! Hi Mark! “Good morning everyone, I have learned so much from each and everyone of you; can’t thank you enough, have a great day” Good morning Giti, thank you so much for joining us! Enjoy the show! Hatman D Happy Thursday from Chicago, where it is 49 degrees … Yikes! We are getting a little ‘cool spell’ here in LA, too, Peter! Morning- VZIO looks ready to break out of an ipo base… Setting up nicely. It will be interesting to see what analysts expect for this year and next. Recent earns and sales have been great. Woooooooo, time for the BEST part of my day… IBDLive… Hey Rick! Welcome Good morning from DC. Question COIN vs GBTC, is coin grabbing investers from GBTC?? live answered Just rewatched yesterday’s episode since it’s hard to concentrate at all times with market action going on. Really good episode, lots of nuggets. Good combo of Harris and Ryan. Glad to hear it, Greg! Thanks for your comments good morning ibd team!!! Hi Travis! Good Morning from Carolina On My Mind Hi Michael, hope you are well! HVT? Hi Michael; Haverty Furniture? Great action since its breakout from a base at 21.22 in the week ended Oct 9 last year. I like how the stock has maintained an impressive uptrend, and getting support at the 10-week moving average. This Investor’s Corner may be helpful in determining your exit. Cheers, Hatman Dave — Good morning IBD Tea 🙂 What are your thoughts on CPNG? If any, lol. Hi Neven; good to bring this new IPO up; nice to see how Coupang remains above its pricing at $35. But still working on a base, it appears. HatMan — and Any insight on COIN? People were taking profits after the open. Needs a few days to show its true nature and we hope form an IPO base. Good Morning: Excellent discussion between you guys and David Ryan and Charles Harris. Thank you Glad you enjoyed both. It’s great to get the insights from folks who have long-term outperformance in the market. What is the panels thoughts on why so many stocks are hitting resistance at the top of the buy zone? One reason why we like trying to initiate positions at earlier entries and add to them on breakouts. Many stocks have made strong moves over the last few weeks, yesterday marked a bit of a rest for many of them Good Morning! Good team as long as Ali is nearby! She’s answering questions and will be hosting tomorrow. Justin what do you think about XLV? UNH looks good live answered Can you discuss today when it is better to use a weekly chart Vs daily chart for an entry or to verify a breakout. I use both. I use weekly charts when I screen to get the bigger view and then look at daily charts for precise and often early entry points. Love logging on to IBD Live Thanks for joining us and the kind words Wilmer! Dave Yesterday was pretty rough. Tried several breakouts – only to have them immediately reverse and not just go down, but torpedo down. Example, ETSY. So stopped out at 3% within a couple hours. Often, these rise back up the very next day. Recommendations on how to handle these? Just sit out and wait for another setup? With something like ETSY, you could size your position off the 10-week line and wait for a decisive break of that level as your sell signal Hello, have to ask: COIN? Hi Louise, pls keep it on a watchlist. I definitely am. Hatman Dave — and story on how to evaluate IPOs — to Team – can you discuss what to do when you buy at a proper buy point and then a stock reverses? E.G. – TXG (10X Genomics) yesterday. Looked good Wed am, in the buy zone, passing buy point of 201.80 early, then reverses all the way down to under 190.33. Thanks! Depends on your strategy going in and how you sized your position. I usually size mine based on the 10-week so I can withstand days like yesterday and Monday. GM from Cape Cod Hey Phil Action was awful yesterday, messed me up Phil, I like to view a weekly chart mid-week, especially after a drop as meaningful as the Nasdaq yesterday. Helps offer perspective. 3 steps forward for the Naz, 1 step back? Cheers, Dave — Short report out on QS – You know anything about this Ed? Just saw that news as well. Don’t know anything about Scorpion. Yesterday Charles spoke a lot of buying pullbacks in context of an uptrend. Could he or some one confirm if he means the stock has already broken out to meet his criteria of uptrend or does he buy pullbacks on the right side of a base, as long as the price is above the 50dma and the 50dma is moving up. Not necessarily after a breakout. He buys on the right side of the base. For example, he was buying BA in late Feb. With all of your years of financial experiences have you ever seen markets like this in any quarters of any year. Thx The daily rotations have happened before, but it was very unusual to see the Nasdaq in a correction while the S&P largely skirted it. to Team – who all is in Dark Ops today ?? Chris, David Chung, Ali, maybe more. “So justin when should we start reducing exposure? What does Charles Harris think?” I would start locking in some profits when the indexes get extended from their 50-day moving averages. Right now they’re about 5%. 6% or more would start making me nervous. Can we discuss COIN. TY We always wait for an IPO base, or at least a handful of trading days, before buying new issues. Look at BMBL as a recent example — you’d be underwater quite a bit if you bought on the first few days of trade. During yesterday’s difficulties I recalled Irusha’s advice – look at the weekly chart! Helped maintain perspective for sure. Yes, always great to put things into perspective with the weekly and monthly charts! Totally agree NVDA NH live answered Any thoughts on positive two day bounce on Scott’s AI??? Our style is to buy stocks in uptrends, rather than try to catch the absolute bottom. This one is in a clear downtrend Is NVDA getting too extended? Wondering if I should book profits on my large position. Thanks! live answered APAM breaking out live answered Financials still actionable ? live answered WFC, just another selling the news bank? Sure seems that way, Fred; maybe the Street had already priced in yesterday’s big earnings rebound. WFC remains in a solid short-term uptrend, however; since late Jan the support at both the 21-day exponential moving average and the 50-day line has been pronounced. We’re keeping a half size posn in Leaderboard now. Cheers, Hatman Dave — to Dark Ops – thanks for all your efforts to answer the myriad of questions from IBD Live subscribers! Feel free to skip over my entries anytime! I understand the situation, and won’t feel “neglected”. 🙂 🙂 Hey Scott, we never forget about ya! Lemme see…. HatMan Dave ADBE at early buy point? Gap up today and long consolidation. Hi Debra! Long-Term Leader. Nice move past an ‘early’ 506.61 buy point, you are correct. ADBE has not yet hit all-time or 52-week highs yet, but the action is getting more bullish. We continue to hold it as a half-size position in Leaderboard. Cheers, Hatman Dave — Any thoughts on NVCR? Looking good. You could start building a position here and use the low of the gap as your exit. But I would wait for a larger consolidation before going big. AMAT – time to sell ? Depends on where you got in. The pullback looks normal. Thoughts on TGT? It has been super tight for the last couple of weeks. I bought the stock as it rose above the 50 sma. The action seems interesting. Looks very positive. It should eventually pop above that tight area. PLBY anyone? Very extended but acting well. I wouldn’t try to buy it now. On a pullback to the 50 day or 10 Week MA when the stock goes through a shakeout and reverses, have you done any study on how much below the MA line the shakeout might go before the reversal? I cannot watch these stocks every minute so I try to set my stops below the 50 day or 10 Week MA and would like to the % I should use. Thanks… We haven’t done anything like that. Charles often buys when a stock hits the moving average. So you can put an alert at the MA. I usually wait until it reverses, so I put my alerts on the top of the bar that touched the MA. Ed are you still holding ZIM ? Yes. Could we discuss TSM – response to earnings this morning…. live answered WSM is a sell now? Trying to hold key short-term support at the 21-day EMA, Jorge; this article may be helpful. Remains on Leaderboard. — SQ- Harold, I like your theory of money coming out of things to buy COIN. A rotation within the sector? I think it was investors establishing a position in COIN for long term, temporary rotation Your opinion about ENTG? Bought at the breakout and it’s torturing me since! Still acting well. Drifting lower in light-ish volume. TSM is one of my favorites but selling at 50 day was wise. Nice analysis Justin live answered Justin, please repeat the name of the book you just mentioned How to Make Money in Stocks by William J. O’Neil (get the 4th edition either orange or green) Hey Justin, Thanks for the great book recommendation by John Wooden on his Lifetime of Observations and Reflections. Really Good!!! Glad you liked it. It was a gift from Bill and one that I feel is good to read multiple times. ? “SMH and SOXL (leveraged) for the chips. XLF and FAS (leveraged) for financials. XLF and” HZNP finally got out nicely But it pulled back right after I added to it. FND, is this the reversal discussed yesterday? Getting support at the 10-day but no volume today. Most breakouts have been challenging. PYPL SQ crypto plays? They are accepting crypto for payments and bought a lot to facilitate those transactions. Good Morning, two part question – I have a surgery tomorrow and will be out of commission for 2-3 hours – with the market volatility – what do you suggest one do with the portfolio – hedge? Also when taking a vacation for a couple of weeks – what options to do with portfolio? Since we like to wait until later in the day to make our sell decisions, I wouldn’t worry too much. If I’m off the grid on a wilderness vacation, I will hedge or reduce exposure. If I have access, I just keep an eye on the market with alerts and check the charts at least once a day. YETI Bull Flag?? Acting well as it holds tight. What about when GBTC trades at a 10%+ discount? Does that matter? As long as the price action more or less matches Bitcoin, I wouldn’t worry about the premium or discount. You could always trade the futures. /BTC “Here’s my bi-weekly vote to look at a monthly for MSTR. Involved heavily now in BTC” Phenomenal move last year and into February. But now it’s in a correction. I don’t see an entry here. Ed: Noticing the 10 year treasuries down 71 basis points today. Thanks for the heads up! is playing coin a crypto play Sure. I assume it will generally rise and fall with the currencies. $ZS can you please look at the chart. RS rating is trending upwards. I’m not wild about playing crosses of a downtrending 50-day. Recent volume looks better on the daily vs. the weekly, where it’s declining. to Team – recent IPO from Wed 3/24 – ACVA (ACV Auctions) is on the blue dot list today on a daily chart; also in buy zone from IPO base of 35.88 to 37.67; currently around $37 Looks great. I texted Ed about it. JUSTIN — It might be good to inform audience that those charts in the first 100 pages — 4th edition are Weekly (charts) versus the day to day volatility of daily charts. Very good point. Bill was always better with the weekly charts and it can be a very different look. can we look at DDOG. i am considering an early entry here as it is showing power. what does the ibd team think? Retaking the 50-day. But I don’t buy stocks with declining 50 day lines. That said, volume from two days ago was great. And you don’t have to risk much to know if it’s not working. what about the 4th stage base on HZNP We talked about it yesterday. The length of the bases and an undercut of a flat base that pattern rec did not pick up makes feel that it is earlier. $SHOP was recently on Swingtrader…. why if it looks so bad? live answered Don’t forget that David Ryan shorted MSFT. Showing how even a good trader can miss it badly No trader is going to be right 100%. The good ones admit when they are wrong quickly and adjust. The traders that don’t, usually don’t last. The best way to make a fortune is give yourself time and that means you need to last. Justin, as true as that is, was that an absolute statement? lol Should have been more careful approaching paradox! Dave, do you own the actual coins I don’t yet! I do like Bitcoin as a store of value, but want to read more about the risks. GBTC is a good trading vehicle, IMHO. LONG TERM LEADERS list really helped me …. gr8 product ! Excellent! — Great article in print edition on cryptocurrencies … key point to me was how little it’s used in mainstream commerce. Thoughts? I think we’ll keep talking about crypto for a long time! — Hey Dave, Every time ABNB dips below 175 the institutions are coming in to buy it. Just happened again. Thanks for sharing this thought; while I have not been buying this one, I think it def deserves a spot on a watchlist. I like the travel and re-opening themes. Meantime, pls check out this Investor’s Corner! Cheers, Hatman — Dave, Most of my success has been buying the big caps when they move up thru the 50 day. Look at LRCX that would have been a good play. Very nice strategy, as no doubt you are playing true-quality names. And large caps have been amazing since the end of the Lehman Bros. market crash of 08-09. Hello Hatman – It is Great how you always cite an IBD article with your responses! Thanks You’re quite welcome! Keep checking out this feature! — to Dark Ops – Hat Man – I never feel neglected by you all; in fact, I almost feel like an ad hoc member of the team; adding input on stocks that looks worthwhile. Danka! Danke! Vielen Dank! Hatman DSC

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