IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021

Question Answer(s) Ticker of the day. BOB? Had to shazam this one. Who picked this one? Actually a piece written by Steve Morton, a friend who now lives in Nashville. good morning all. what was the name of your friends song Chris? Immutable Laws Saw yesterday SE removed from Leaderboard – any particular reason? Still seems strong on Weekly /w Vol? It’s actually not on the Leaders List. It was in the Top 10 of the IBD 50, which Leaderboard also sends alerts on, and it just fell out of the Top 10. Certainly not broken. Can we look at crox CROX? Actionable as it’s up 11% in the pre-market. Yes, we’ll be checking in on this one! 🙂 Any chance you can review how Chris came to the 5% expected move on TSLA yesterday? Or refer us to an article or video explanation? Thanks guys. Here’s a video explainer from me and Justin! Are you saying you can’t play music on IBD Live anymore due to licensing requirements? Precisely! Uh oh, is IBD live coming to an end? are we going to be moving to Barron Live? Nooo wayyyy! Not coming to an end 🙂 just an extra thing we’re doing! AN is up 9%. Breaking a downward trend line? Another one we’ll be sure to look at today! What is Barron Live? check out all the details at — it’s free I loved all the theme songs you guys (and gals) would play. Us too 🙁 Ali – Is that Barron’s one will be recorded ? Yes, it will! They have an archive of past episodes (Live is webinar with video, archive is audio only/podcast format) at the bottom of Who nixxed it? It’s a matter of our licensing agreement not able to extend internationally do we need pw to join barrons live I hear it’s open access Suggestion: Get the Karaoke versions of music. I know it’s not the same but it get’s the tune out there and it might be a work around. 🙂 It’s a good idea, Shane, but maybe we’d even have to get the licensing rights to the karaoke song, but still there’s the issue of international broadcast rights. Ughhh… Good morning IBD Live on what appears to be a work remote Thursday (apologies to the behind the scenes folk that might be in the office). GM Jeff; ha ha, yes, I’m still holding the fort at the Playa Vista, Calif., office today. thought on IPI? live answered Rachel -looking forward to the CWRD analysis. Like to see it to form a handle. Keep it on the watchlist! So royalty free music only? Or independent artists who give consent? Hi Shari, I think that is possible, but we also have to make sure they allow us to play it to international listeners on Live. Even for the songs in which we have the license for the US broadcast rights, we’d have to negotiate licenses for
ex-US markets. GM everyone! Ed, you are the news master, so much info in a few minutes, now breath. Without a doubt Gary, Ed is truly IBD’s king of news! GM IBD Live, let’s roll! GM Tom! F trig live answered F is moving on heavy volume, break out! live answered F – Wish I would have bought trendline, but looks actionable. live answered Can we discuss TSLA this morning? Thanks! live answered Other great part of CROX is that when it gaps on earnings, it has held those gains. Definitely! We’ll have to see if it closes in a similar fashion today — intraday chart not looking super strong at the moment, but it’s early! And just like that TSLA turns positive live answered Tesla looking good. Sorry Ed. Heh. ED, you going to buy TSLA Nope. I’m pysched that I got into TSLA at $754 and $769 and $796 Well done, Jason! Ali’s commentary has really improved over the last year. She has always been the best host 😉, but her stock commentary has become quite valuable! You’re too kind! Thanks, Justin. ASO please ? live answered ALI our ASO is breaking out live answered Please define “iron condor” Check out the trade details at 🙂 I too noticed the growth Alissa. You are my fav host. Aw so nice of you to say, Manish. ASO a proud advertising sponsor of the Houston Astros! Go ‘stros! What is FOMO? fear of missing out Listening to you and looking at ASO looks like a good idea. I like Ali’s “Redneck Retailers”! Ali is always good! Ha, I wish I could remember who coined that phrase on Twitter What did they say BP on ASO? SwingTrader buy zone is $43.00 – $44.08 NUE live answered BROS up 5%, go LB! Cheers! PYPL in a free fall Hi Alex, this stock continues to underperform lately for sure. Battle at 250 level right now as investors weigh its decision to bid for PINS… Don’t forget TX in the steel group Absolutely; trying to work on the right side of its base now. is netflix actionable , it is taking out the high of yesterday After clearing an early buy point at 557.64 and the top of that long consolidation at 593.29, it feels like a shelf pattern is forming, which offers a follow-on aggressive entry, Stanley. Pls see this story, it’s also on the Live FAQ page. thoughts on csx live answered Haven’t missed a day of IBD Live since Day 9 Amazing! IBD Live is so good, TY. YW, glad you’re with us. ALI – talking about shipping – SBLK is weak – where is Charles when we need him. I know he’s been trading around a core position — so he’s likely been taking profits into strength and buying on pullbacks in a swing-trading fashion. He’s super flexible! So keep that in mind 🙂 ZIM hit it’s goal – 20% or so – confirmed the pattern. Probably need to wait for another pattern to form. Good point, John, as that pullback likely became a correction deeper than most investors who bought at the 47.94 pivot point expected.
and SBLK is getting rekt today Also still in a base. Johnathan, interesting how the Accumulation/Distribution Rating has fallen to a D, too. I’d be watching to see if it swims inside a new channel of 20 to 26. I see the first 5min bar on CROX on MarketSmith being a good sized blue explosive bar with a very high close range but on TraderView it’s a nice red bar with a low range close? Which one do we go off of for the first 5min bar when buying early on in the day? Just in general, with any stock. Go off of your broker’s 5 min ABNB pls It’s acted well since entering Leaderboard. Can it show strength again? Sam, I am a bit concerned about the RS line’s short-term action. You’d like to see it flatten out after a big move.
and please compare CSX with SPX or QQQ… An easy way to do this is via the RS line, Siegfried, especially in the short term on a daily chart or in the long run on a monthly chart. I saw the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of marketsmith yesterday afternoon but it is no longer visible. On Mac, use command + or on PC use CTRL + and see if it comes back! AMD is showing a RS blue dot It’s acting well. I’m still avoiding conventional entries and focusing on early buys. PANW crossing 10d line, close to my buy : sell ? We closed it on SwingTrader this morning. As a position trade, it hasn’t been powerful but it’s not broken. OLPX is going up live answered speaking of IPO’s, may we look at OLPX? Looking good. live answered ‘@ali, can you please pull the microphone away from your face like 1 inch, is rubbing on your cheek and causing some static. thank you Hopefully I fixed it! My lav mic has been acting up Ed – you missed a great entry level on TASK – is Chris around to comment? Sorry next up. I really like Ed’s idea about buying on trendlines. Do any of your products find ascending trendline scan like Ed finds or do you need to use your eyes? It’s all in the eyes, at least for now. GNRC. Is it tired or rallying ? After such a big move you would expect it to falter but it’s got a blue dot on the weekly RS. Good morning, can we take a look at SoFi, it performs very impressive the last week. Thanks. In my view, the day to get in was when it got above its 200-day. Feels extended now asan live answered “Justin Have you trimmed some ASAN on this strength?” live answered It seems TASK bounced into the price of the secondary and finding a resistance there Looking good today after getting support and above the secondary offering price of 63.50. Thanks for OLPX, I read your Stock of the day article and bt. A few hundred shares…..will be very quick to take a profit because IPO could be very volatile and hasn’t put in the proper chart work as yet per K. Donnelly and all. live answered ASAN I trimmed at 7% and 12% Well done, Phil! Justin, do you think 17% margin is good? I thought it had to be much larger than that especially in growth stocks. I was focusing on the direction and acceleration more than the number itself. “ASAN Please comment on High Tight Flag, BreakOut, & Strong Trend then what looks more lioke a Short Base than Pullback to 21 MA” live answered NUE… Steady “recovering”.. from 98 LO.. I’ll try to circle back later on. Thanks, Dark Ops DSC! RE: CWRD U got it Look at POOL on the monthly live answered DSC – where would be a good stop on ASO if entry was 43? Thanks. Notice how the past three weeks, ASO pierces the 50-day line, and can close well below it, yet pick itself back up. So, a big break below the recent intraday lows may be a good line in the sand. Ali: FYI: your voice is very muffled about half or less normal volume. Tried moving it closer! Hopefully that helps. Have you had a chance to cover SOFI? It feels extended now — to me, the day to get in was when it got above its 200-day. Maybe it’ll form a handle soon? Alli Rally!!! Woo! Looks like DFS is going down to the 50dma. Will it find support there or go further? That’s the key question! anyone watching the Cannabis stocks or POTX etf rocking We’ve been watching IIPR Squid: also #1 in 94 countries! For a while, NFLX has been very focused on the international growth and I think this is just an example of executing that plan in a big way. what you guys think about OLO? For a stock that looked so strong in May and June, it’s looks broken right now. Tons of red volume since the failed breakout at the end of August. AN reversing Yes, disappointing. Seeing at a strong first five minute bar isn’t a guarantee, but it can be helpful. We also like to see if it can cross its first hour high, and this one is not doing that Do you have the market smith symbols for the various Adv/dec lines, other market barometers. Are there ones for the number of stocks over the 50 day/200 day etc? GMIAB/GMIAA for nas & NYSE A/D lines What about MOS? I have it from Swingtrader. Not a great close yesterday, but reversing off the lows this morning. Any guests tomorrow? Ross Haber of Trader Lion!

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