Check the long-term status of Bitcoin for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by javadrezvani

Bitcoin has grown by about 820% over the past year. Of course, the sharp fall in March last year, which delayed the climb, can not be ignored. In recent years, we have seen a lot of positive news and news continues, and most of these it’s positive
If we have an abstract view, we may have faced an extreme purchase and we are forming a big bubble. Of course, the growth of this bubble will continue until 2022, when 2022 is the end of the bubble, the phenomenon of halving the 2020 network reward, but why ??
The experience of 2016 shows that after halving the network reward, we entered a strong uptrend and this ascent continued regularly until the end of 2017, and this was the end of the bubble halving the network reward.
And then we entered a long, cold winter.
In late 2019, before the network’s halves were halved, we entered a strong uptrend
If we have a view like halving the previous network bonus, we can see the end of 2019 as the end of the wave of halving the network bonus. This can be upsetting for many investors, but if we look at other aspects, the news shows a positive color day by day and capital Big investors have not arrived for a long time, this climb can continue after 2022, otherwise after 2022, we will enter the winter of digital currencies.

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