Phase 2 of Path To Altseason – “The Flippening” (ETHBTC) for BINANCE:ETHBTC by jonathanvn

A couple of months ago I made an idea about ETH staging a logarithmically breakout against BTC .
This logarithmic breakout is happening right now.

Money flows into the crypto market in 4 general phases with phase overlaps eventually to altcoins, where we see “altseason”.

Previous market cycle had a point where ETH flips BTC also called “The Flippening”. This means that ETH outperforms BTC .

So what does this chart have to do with this moneyflow?

This image of “Path to Altseason” represents how BTC attracts money and how it eventually flows into altcoins where we see these absolutely crazy gains in the end.

This Phase Overlap is defined as: “Ethereum goes back and forward with BTC and starts outperforming BTC”.

This happened last weeks looking at the snapshot above to the point where ETH is now performing better than BTC .

This occasion is not only happening now, it’s happening continously. We can see this reflect in their dominance in the crypto market.

If we compare BTC .D and ETH.D, we can see periods where the dominance in the crypto market was switching from BTC to ETH:

Each time BTC’s dominance dumps, ETH gains more dominance each time.

(It’s also logical their dominance is partially correlated due to the fact that they’re the two biggest cryptos making up for 60-80% of the cryptomarket value.)

In the longterm view of this cycle I believe we are in Phase 2 since ETH is noticably outperforming BTC .

BTC could go more sideways now since it recently broke its bullish structure:

ETH is making ATHs almost every single day and is performing much better:

The next Phase overlap is seen when large cap coins get large buy climaxes.

The Flippening Index is currently at 62%.

The Flippening Index tracks different on-chain metrics such as daily amount of transactions and active adresses.

This index is calculated using an average of all its metrics and it’s a good general representation of how well ETH is doing against BTC .

With ETH increasing its market cap, money dumps into other large-cap coins. A great example is LTC and LTC seems to be ready for high gains.

LTC looks like it’s repeating a scenario from previous bull market cycle:

These phases are only a guideline and might not be perfect in practice, for example not every lowcap coin has potential.
It’s good to have a general idea of where money could be heading to, based of where it is now.
These phases happen continously, in bigger and in smaller time periods. In the greatest scheme of this current market cycle I believe we are in Phase 2.

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