3-D Market Commentary | Bitcoin / BTM1! | Aug-25 2021 for ICEUS:BTM1! by traddictiv

Aug-25 2021 | Daily 3D Market Commentary before Wall Street starts trading…

🎯 Market CLIMATE –

Current: UP

Confirmed: YES

Stats: 24 out of –

🛸 Buy and Sell UFOs –

Sell UFOs: 57975.0-54500.0

Buy UFOs: 47167.5-43945.0

🚀 Market VOL. –

Options IV Value: 155.91%

Daily Expected Move: ±4906.53

Weekly Expected Move: ±10801.22

Monthly Expected Move: ±22484.54


3D Approach

Key elements determining what is likely to occur in the markets:

Market CLIMATE: Upcoming market direction (long/short)

Buy and Sell UFOs: “Un-Filled Orders” responsible for upcoming turning points (entries/exits)

Market VOL.: Upcoming price change speed (risk/reward)

We are combining the statistical elements above to help remain objective and realistic when trading, investing or hedging.

TRADDICTIV · Research Team



We do not provide investment advice, nor provide any personalized investment recommendations and/or advice in making a decision to trade. Before you start trading, please make sure you have considered your entire financial situation, including financial commitments and you understand that trading is highly speculative and that you could sustain significant losses.

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