$ETH Price Prediction 08/22/2021 for BITSTAMP:ETHUSD by CheddarBizcuitz

Using today’s post to explain a bit about my background since there’s a hurricane outside. Apologies if it’s a little lengthy. Yesterday’s prediction has been linked as well.
I began my crypto experience back in August 2020. At the time I had 2 stocks ( TD Ameritrade), a few crowdfunded properties (Roofstock), a cash account (Wealthfront) and a Roth IRA. I was looking to gain some exposure and diversify myself a bit, but wasn’t satisfied with the returns and interest rates were low due to covid. I knew I needed to switch it up so I began searching the web for ideas.

On August 2nd I came across a Dapp called Axie Infinity. As a big Pokémon fan growing up I was instantly compelled by the concept and artwork; “so you can battle each other with cool creatures and win money?”, it was a no brainer forsure. But there was a problem. I didn’t know anything about crypto, how to get started, where to get started or wtf a Dapp even was (the whole decentralized web thing threw me off). Back to searching the web.

After a few days of research and annoying KYCs I established my first trading account (Binance) and wallet (Trust then eventually Meta). The feeling was amazing, I felt like I had entered a realm known only by a few, the realm of crypto!

On August 8th, I submitted my first buy order for 10eth at a price of $398.42 a pop. It was a success since $eth was actually doing really bad at the time, but I said F it I wanted those axies. Then I got slapped hard with the “you gotta wait 10 days before transferring funds” bs so before you know it I was back to searching the web while I waited.

That’s when the idea of CryptoTrade developed, an interactive spreadsheet that assists users in tracking cryptocurrency trades. I had some experience with Excel VBA and always enjoyed keeping things organized so developed a template and researched ways into publicizing my work (in hopes of expanding my portfolio). I came across GitHub while attempting to create an export data macro and realized that this was the platform I wanted to use. I eventually released the repo on October 7th, as a personal achievement/bday gift. You can find it here:…

Those 10 days passed and I was feeling pretty good ngl . I opened my Binance account and basically said “ooh this coin looks good”, and bought several coins with the intention they would all go up and I’d be a very rich person. By the end of August, I had invested a total of $22,500 into crypto; this may seem like a lot to some but I had been working two jobs and saving for about 3 years with the intentions of investing in the future.

Fast-forward a week later. I remember waking up to a 3k loss, it was my first “holy shit” moment. I checked the news; Korean exchange Bithumb was raided, Binance was briefly down preventing order cancellations, and the market was crashing (it already was I just didn’t know). I thought to myself “well I can’t lose if I don’t sell” and kept that mentality throughout. I opened a TradingView account and began researching about chart analysis, indicators and trends; viewing what others predicted and what outcomes they had, viewing chart history and trend cycles and learning how much of an affect media can have.

By November, the market was bullish again and I began making my first trades (sell orders). I made a total of $64,947.50 profit in the first 5 months. My earnings we’re split as ~35% DOT | 20% ALGO | 20% KSM | 25% OTHER. I’d like to point out that DOT and KSM were both big ticket investments but I sold a portion early and forced myself into leverage trades to reach certain goals.


I decided to take a step away from trading when the market began crashing again back in May. Since then my profits have been mainly through NFTs (sold some axie land to get started) and Ethereum . That said, the majority of my success from order trading is through altcoins (not Ethereum ). I plan to get back into trading soon and I’m not sure whether I should make a separate account for altcoins or keep everything on this account. I personally like having an $eth only account, but I also don’t want to make multiple accounts if no one is really interested. If you have an opinion lmk and if you made it this far thank you for the read :)

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