Are Backup Camera Recalls As Innocent as They Sound? | MotorBiscuit

New recalls seem to surface every week, with many recalls circulating around the newer technology that we’ve come to expect from cars today. Backup camera recalls aren’t all that uncommon either, with a new recall for the Honda Odyssey’s backup camera system just being announced this past month. For drivers who grew up without the safety of backup cameras, having a system fault or issues might not seem like a big deal, but there are a lot of reasons why having a faulty backup camera is surprisingly dangerous.

Backup camera mandates

Having a backup camera used to be a luxury that you could pay a premium for, and it less common than not to have the camera system set up in lower model or more affordable cars. According to USA Today, all new cars are required to have backup cameras as they are now federally mandated. This hints at the true importance and value of having a backup camera in your vehicle.

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