Here’s How to Protect Yourself From Unfair Towing in Your State | MotorBiscuit

If you’ve ever had your car towed, aside from the frustrations and surprise of finding your car gone, there is also a sense of violation. Of course, towing cars out of designated spaces is fairly common, but that doesn’t stop the feeling. Although towing cars is legal, it is not very regulated state by state. In fact, some states are far worse to be towed in than others.

Flatbed tow truck with red SUV | Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

We have a real problem with towing

According to the U.S. PIRG, millions of cars get towed every year. There are very few regulations in place to protect motorists from predatory towing. Many of these reasons for towing and how easy it is to tow someone’s car vary wildly from state to state

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