What Car Colors Are the Worst at Hiding Scratches, Dents, and Dirt? | MotorBiscuit

When car shopping, many consumers decide which color to get based on the one they like the most. But a car’s hue could affect more than just its stylishness. For instance, there’s the belief that red cars attract police attention and get their drivers ticketed more often. But there are also practical reasons, including easier maintenance, for choosing certain shades. In fact, some colors are worse than others at hiding imperfections like scratches, dents, and dirt.

Many car colors from which to choose

Anyone who has ever shopped for a vehicle knows there’s a vast array of car colors. Consumers can go with a basic, traditional hue, like black or white, or something more eye-catching, like candy apple red. For a more unique look, pink or purple would do the trick.

And within each colorway, various shades make the choice even harder for some shoppers. But whatever car color someone chooses, they better like it because they’ll likely be driving that vehicle for years.

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