Do You Think It’s Difficult to Earn Google Professional Certbolt Cloud Architect Certification? Use Exam Dumps, and This Question Will Not Arise

The Cloud architects help the organizations incorporate Google Cloud technologies in workflows. To be able to do that, they need to have a grasp of architectural best practices, the aspects of an enterprise Cloud strategy, and solution design. Besides, these specialists should have proficiency in software development techniques such as multi-tiered distributed applications, which include hybrid environments and multi-Cloud. To provide the practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to conform this role, the Google Professional Certbolt Cloud Architect certification has been designed.

Earning this sought-after certificate requires that you pass one prerequisite exam. To achieve success in the test, it’s critical to understand the major concepts covered in it and develop the relevant skills. If you are thinking of going for the Google Professional Certbolt Cloud Architect certification, the tips highlighted in this post will help you achieve your goals.

  • Develop competence in hybrid Cloud concepts

The candidates for the Google Professional Certbolt Cloud Architect certification exam need to have an extensive understanding of Google Cloud Platform. This is because there’s a lot of focus on connecting on-premise infrastructure to GCP, so you should have a good understanding of the tradeoffs and options of expanding enterprise data centers to Google Cloud Platform.

  • Understand the process involved in moving data to Google Cloud

Data movement to Cloud is an integral part of the migration process. Google has various services that migrate data to Google Cloud Platform. The students should have the capacity to select the appropriate service under any business situation. They should understand how to perform the fundamental operations with a gsutil tool on Google Cloud Storage. The applicants also need to understand how to configure security, automate data movement, and parallelize uploads with gsutil.

  • Learn all about Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Google Cloud IAM is a service that supports security policy components. It’s an extensive framework designed to secure Google Cloud resources. To take the certification exam, the individuals should understand the major differences between service accounts and user accounts. They need to know how permissions spread within the Google Cloud IAM hierarchy.

  • Select the appropriate database and storage

Google Cloud Platform features exceptional storage tiers that deliver great value at a cost-effective price compared to the competitors. This also covers big data and GCP database offerings. As a candidate for the Google Professional Certbolt Cloud Architect exam, you should understand when you need to utilize multi-regional, regional, cold-line, and near-line storage-tiers when you want to upload or store data within object storage. As an architect, you will need to select from different databases, depending on the cases. Therefore, you have to be conversant with the core concepts of Cloud Spanner, DataStore, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud SQL, and Big Query.

  • Explore enterprise case studies

The certification exam comes with scenario-based questions that align with enterprise case studies. You can go through them before taking your Google test. This ExamSnap will help you develop the required competencies for the exam.

  • Take practice tests and exam dumps

Finally, you need practice tests and exam dumps to evaluate your knowledge before taking the actual test. With these two tools, you’ll reduce the time spent on going through materials and increase your performance in the exam.


The Google Professional Certbolt Cloud Architect certification enables the professionals to accelerate their careers and give the organizations an opportunity to build highly experienced and skilled teams. If you want to be a first-rate specialist with advanced expertise in Google Cloud Platform, you definitely need to consider obtaining this credential. Learn all you can about its exam and go in with confidence to take this test with flying colors.

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