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Alas, she should have brought up reptiles, “crocodile” having been Archie’s first word according to Harry, who told James Corden, “He’s already putting three, four words together. He’s already singing songs.”

The toddler is also well-versed in breakfast, Harry explaining, “Meg makes up a beautiful organic mix, in the waffle maker, flip it, out it comes. He loves it. And now I have waffles for breakfast, bit of yogurt, bit of jam on top—I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do—bit of berries maybe, a little honey, maybe some syrup. Archie wakes up in the morning, and he just goes, ‘Waffle?'”

Overall, his son is “hysterical,” with “the most amazing personality,” the proud papa shared.

Last summer in a chat with members of the Rugby Football League, Harry mentioned that he couldn’t find child-size rugby balls anywhere, but he definitely hoped his son would be a fan of the sport, which is especially popular in the U.K. and Australia. “So, I need to get him playing some Rugby League. I’m just unbelievably fortunate and grateful to have outdoor space and see my son be able to be outside because I know that so many people just haven’t had that opportunity in the last five months.”

“Our little man is our no. 1 priority,” he told the rugby , “but then our work after that is the second priority, and we’re just doing everything we can to try and play our part in trying to make the world a better place.”

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