It’s Time to Meet the Next Generation of Superheroes in Netflix’s ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’

With all the success Netflix has had recently with superhero TV shows (hello, Umbrella Academy!), it only makes sense for the company to try its hand once again with the genre. But the newest installment in the superhero show genre has a bit of a twist. These heroes are bringing their children along for the ride.

Based on a comic book series, Jupiter’s Legacy follows the Union of Justice, a group of powered beings who are focused on fighting crime in the modern era. Lead by Sheldon Sampson, better known as the Utopian, they’re all about upholding a moral code of law…and they expect their kids to do so as well. But the next generation isn’t exactly gung-ho about following in their parents’ footsteps, and they’re hungry to make names for themselves…even if it means taking down all of what their families worked for in the process.

While the plotline is great, if I do say so myself, it’s actually the diverse group of characters that makes this show exciting. Every character has something to prove, whether it be to themselves or to someone else. They’re about to bring us on a wild ride.

Here’s a look at all the characters you’ll meet in Jupiter’s Legacy.

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Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson

Superhero Name: The Utopian

As the world’s greatest superhero, Sheldon has led the Union of Justice since everyone got their powers in the 1930s. He believes all heroes must abide by a strict code of law and use their powers only to help the greater good. But almost a century later, things have changed.


Leslie Bibb as Grace Sampson

Superhero Name: Lady Liberty

The matriarch of the Sampson clan, Grace is Sheldon’s right-hand woman. She doesn’t always agree with her husband’s approach, but she makes a point to balance his expectations with the realities of the modern era—and the family she loves fiercely.


Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson

Superhero Name: Paragon

As the son of the Utopian and Lady Liberty, Brandon is busy training to one day take over his father’s job as the head of the Union. Unlike his father, though, he goes back and forth on whether he even wants the job….


Elena Kampouris as Chloe Sampson

Superhero Name: N/A

As the ever-rebellious daughter of the Sampson clan, Chloe wants nothing to do with the fame that comes with the family name. She does want to be a famous model, though, so maybe having superhero parents does have some benefits.


Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson

Superhero Name: Brainwave

Another founding member of the Union of Justice, Sheldon’s older brother isn’t always a man of morals and values. He wants to use his powers to achieve more in the world and isn’t exactly afraid to bloody his hands in order to get exactly want he wants.


Matt Lanter as George Hutchence

Superhero Name: Skyfox

George was once Sheldon’s best friend and ally in the Union of Justice—until he turned against them for a life of villainy. Now one of the greatest evil forces in the world, he hasn’t been seen for decades. Where has he been hiding, and more importantly, what has he been up to?


David Julian Hirsh as Dr. Richard Conrad

Superhero Name: Blue Bolt

Once a kind and grounded physician, Dr. Conrad was one of the founding members of the Union of Justice. Now, he’s no longer part of the superhero group, and his fate remains to be seen.


Mike Wade as Fitz Small

Superhero Name: The Flare

Another founding member, Fitz was always loyal to the superheroes he fought with, even after he got injured and had to retire from fighting crime. He’s still a man of value, though, and he continues to be a source of information whenever his friends may need it.


Tenika Davis as Petra Small

Superhero Name: The Flare II

As Fitz’s daughter, Petra inherited the family powers and takes on her father’s legacy post-retirement. She resents her dad for placing this title on her, and the tension doesn’t seem to stop growing between them.


Ian Quinlan as Hutch Hutchence

Superhero Name: N/A

As George’s son, he’s a bit of a wild card who somehow didn’t inherit his father’s superpowers. But no worries, because he does have a Power Rod, which teleports him wherever he wants to go.

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