BEEF VOTE: Richard Sherman vs. Michael Crabtree OR Odell Beckham Jr vs. Josh Norman

(8) Richard Sherman vs. Michael Crabtree

Sweet Sixteen Analysis: The players have it. Going up against their former coaches, Sherman and Crabtree had a fairly easy time. 58 percent of the vote in the Sweet Sixteen is pretty comfortable, and I believe this shows the importance of a memorable moment within a beef. Sherman’s rant after his play against Crabtree, sorry ass receiver and such, let this beef really spread its legs into the mainstream. Will it keep having such luck? Only time will tell. Like, about three days.

Beef Breakdown: This is another unique episode where our memory of it is very different from how it really went down. Yes, the NFC Championship game between 49ers and Seahawks helped put it on the map after Sherman denied Crabtree for the game winning touchdown, then found every camera possible and voiced his disapproval of Crabtree. But it went deeper than we knew at the time, and because of their cagey responses, deeper that we might ever know. Or, until Sherman’s inevitable autobiography.

Best Known For: The “sorry ass receiver” rant, duh.

Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree’s beef ran way deeper than we saw in public

(3) Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Josh Norman

Sweet Sixteen Analysis: While their opponent did earn exactly 666 votes, the devil couldn’t help Peyton and Vanderjagt derail one of the more notable beeves. OBJ and Norman cruised past the former Colts, which really isn’t a big surprise. They’re one of the more memorable beeves that popped out beyond the football world.

Beef Breakdown: Beckham and Norman faced off for the first time late in the 2015 season. The Carolina Panthers were undefeated, the six-win New York Giants were still very much in the NFC East conversation, and yet the receiver-corner duo took top billing. It turned into an incredible game, but the main story was the more incredible beef.

Best Known For: That Panthers-Giants game was amazing and they legitimately forgot about the whole “football” part of football.

Odell Beckham Jr’s beef with Josh Norman was a hard-hitting, media-fueled drama

Matchup Prediction: OBJ and Norman dethroned the Harbaugh-Sherman beef, now they get to try and ruin Sherman once again. If there was one NFL player who wanted to win a bracket of beef, you just know it would be Sherman. These beeves aren’t too different – they’re both wide receiver vs. cornerback AND they each have one massive defining moment that then everything else kind of revolved around. Could it come down to which one was told by a better storyteller? Well, bad news – I wrote both of these… put your money on OBJ vs. Norman. It packs a literal punch and, in my mind, is memorable enough it’ll keep getting the nod.

Relive each episode and let us know below which beef is best. Voting is open through April 7, then the Final Four will begin on April 8.

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Which beef is best?

  • 68%

    Richard Sherman vs. Michael Crabtree

    (254 votes)

  • 31%

    Odell Beckham Jr vs. Josh Norman

    (116 votes)

370 votes total

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