Boris Johnson says President Biden ‘breath of fresh air’ in swipe at Trump and hails ‘great’ talks

BORIS Johnson tonight said President Biden was a “breath of fresh air” in an apparent swipe at predecessor Donald Trump – and hailed the pair’s “great” talks.

The PM hailed the US President after one-on-one crunch meeting at the G7 in Cornwall earlier.


Boris and Biden held one-on-one chats tonight at the G7Credit: EPA
The Prime Minister's office shared this tweet today


The Prime Minister’s office shared this tweet todayCredit: @10DowningStreet/Twitter

Speaking afterwards, the PM spoke of the renewal of the Atlantic Charter of 1941 between Churchill and Roosevelt, saying it was a “massive, massive strategic importance” for both firms.

He revealed that “the talks were great” and “went on for a long time” in a show of the pair’s apparently good relationship.

This is the first time they have met since President Biden took office – and the US leader’s first overseas trip too.

And in a slight swipe at former leader President Trump, Boris added: “It’s fantastic, it’s a breath of a fresh air.”

He said the pair discussed several issues they wanted to work together on, from security to climate change, and their chats covered a “huge range of subjects”.

He was asked if the US leader had “made his alarm clear” about the Northern Ireland protocal – but he replied: “No, he didn’t”.

However, he said that the US, UK and EU all wanted to uphold the Good Friday agreement and “keep the balance of peace process going”, adding: “I’m optimistic that we can do that.”

Johnson said: “What I can say is that America, the United States, Washington, the UK plus the European Union, have one thing we absolutely all want to do, and that is to uphold the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and make sure we keep the balance of the peace process going.

“That’s absolutely common ground and I’m optimistic that we can do that.”

He added: “The talks were great, they went on for a long time, we covered a huge range of subjects and it’s wonderful to listen to the Biden administration and to Joe Biden because there’s so much that they want to do together with us, from security, Nato to climate change.

The Prime Minister’s office shared a tweet today saying: “The future of the world’s stability and prosperity lies in cooperation between the UK and the US, the closest of partners and the greatest of allies.”

It came as:

Mr Johnson also said: “We affirmed the special relationship – that is not said lightly – the special relationship between our people and renewed our commitment to defending the enduring democratic values that both our nations share.”

The couples also gave each other gifts, with Boris presenting the US President with a photo of Frederick Douglass.

Douglass was a former slave who campaigned against the practise in the 1800s.

The PM also gave Jill Biden a collection of short stories by Daphne du Maurier.

In return, the Bidens gave Boris an American-made bike and helmet, while Carrie received a tote bag and a scarf.

Foreign policy was touched upon between the leaders – including discussion about Afghanistan, China, Iran and Russia, No10 revealed.

The Bidens also admired the view at Carbis Bay with Mr Biden saying: “It’s gorgeous – I don’t want to go home.”

A Downing Street spokesperson said tonight that the two leaders “looked forward to important discussions at the G7 Summit in the coming days” and “discussed the importance of the relationship between the UK and the US for protecting our people, boosting prosperity in both our countries and promoting our values around the world.”

They added that they would work together even closer on a new US-UK trade deal which “would create jobs and bring new opportunities to both of our countries.”

The fab four walk on the beach earlier


The fab four walk on the beach earlierCredit: AP
The Pm is hosting world leaders in Cornwall


The Pm is hosting world leaders in CornwallCredit: AFP
President Biden put a comforting hand on the PM's shoulder


President Biden put a comforting hand on the PM’s shoulderCredit: Reuters

The spokesperson said: “They agreed that the UK-US partnership was more important than ever as we tackle shared challenges like climate change and building back better from the coronavirus pandemic.”

And both leaders will “work to reopen travel and to continue to share information that will help defeat the spread of coronavirus in our countries and internationally.”

Both leaders agreed that the UK and EU had a “responsibility to work together and to find pragmatic solutions” to allow trade to freely flow between Northern Ireland, Great Britain, and the Republic of Ireland.

The PM said he hoped that President Biden would return to the UK to attend the COP26 climate summit later this year, which is taking place in Glasgow in November.

No10 added:”The leaders agreed to not only work to reach net zero in their own countries, but also to make sure that developing world economies had access to green technology.”

Carrie and Jill on the beach with Wilf


Carrie and Jill on the beach with WilfCredit: Simon Dawson / No10 Downing Street
The two ladies elbow bumped instead of shaking hands


The two ladies elbow bumped instead of shaking handsCredit: Simon Dawson / No10 Downing Stre
Boris and Joe held one on one talks


Boris and Joe held one on one talksCredit: AFP
Biden dodges greeting with Boris Johnson and tells him ‘wait a minute’ so he can elbow bump Carrie Symonds FIRST

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