888 Poker App Review

Mobile gaming apps continue to appeal to a wide range of players. Developers are constantly aiming to meet the high demands for quality and style.

The marketplace for apps is a consistently growing one. A record-breaking 218 billion downloads resulting in profits of $143 billion were made in 2020 alone.

With so many apps available in a busy marketplace, it is important to find the right one for you. Of all the online poker sites in the UK, 888 Poker is one of the best known.

888 Poker has a long history of developing digital poker play. The site was established back in 2002.

The app itself was created in 2012 looking to tap into the rapidly expanding mobile market for games of all kinds. A new version of the mobile app was launched just a year later in 2013. These adjustments helped to make the app

The reputation of the name 888 Poker is a major factor in the success of the app.

App Specifications and Features

The app has an extensive list of features to appeal to poker fans keen to tap into a portable game resource. The excellent graphics combine with a user-friendly design to make even new players perfectly comfortable with the play.

In the case of the 888 Poker App, this is a sure thing. The app offers players a range of different ways to enjoy and explore all aspects of the game.

The key to this is the extensive range of poker games available. As well as the mobile favourite of low stakes Texas Hold ‘em, the app also includes the opportunity for multi-table games.

Seven-card stud games are also available to play, which highlights the importance of playing different poker variants. There are also tournaments that can be entered into.

Another great feature of the 888 app is the possibility of playing SNAP fast-fold poker. This quick-fire game means that if you are not happy with your hand you can fold immediately. You can then move onto another virtual table and begin playing again.

SNAP fast-fold poker is an exclusive game to the 888 Poker App. Started alongside the app’s relaunch in 2013, the game focuses on dynamic gaming thanks to an immediate re-dealing of cards following a fold.

Another great feature of the 888 Poker App is the practice mode. This allows players to hone their skills in a no-risk environment before taking on playing for real money.

888 Poker App Review
888 Poker App Review


888 often tun exclusive promotions and offers for players either through the site or the app. Promos sometimes include special prizes like a trip to Vegas for tournament winners.

There is also an 888 rewards club that lets players take part in challenges for rewards of points. The points can then be converted into prizes.

Exclusive bonuses are also regularly offered to players signing up with the app for the first time. These introductory offers can include free no-deposit money for gaming as an extra incentive for joining the fun.

How is the Gameplay?

A huge part of enjoying a gaming app is how fast it uploads and runs.

If you happen to be worried about the speed of your device, there are plenty of things you can do about it.

Thankfully, the pace and power of the 888 Poker App is one of its many strengths. Players can be assured of an enjoyable experience while playing the various types of games available.

Android or iOS?
Mobile users on either of the main operating systems can download and play the 888 Poker App. It has been suitably configured for either option.

Banking Process

Players can choose from a wide variety of banking methods to sign up with the 888 Poker App.

All major credit and debit cards are included, along with PayPal, e-wallets and other region-specific options.

888 Poker App Review
888 Poker App Review

Return for more?

A big question for developers is whether their games will have players keen to keep on playing. Players are playing more on mobile devices all the time. The news that mobile game users spend an average of 4.5 hours a day on their phones highlights the need to make games captivating.

The 888Poker Home Game that allows play between friends via a personalized network is certainly that. This allows a flexible and friendly way to enjoy a game against people you know.

It is easy to set up as well. All you need to do is download the app and send out invites to your friends that you want to play with.


888 is well known for its overall reliability and its adherence to security processes is no different. It can be vouched for by independent testing authorities known throughout the gaming industry. It also has full accreditation from gaming licencing boards.

Regular checks are undertaken detailing the provider’s overall fairness and workability. Much of this is done through an assessment of the RTP (return to player) average. The RTP is the percentage of money spent that will find its way back to the gamer in winnings.

Confidence in mobile security is essential for a good experience in mobile gaming. Thanks to its full accreditation, the 888 Poker App can offer this wherever it is being used.



The 888 Poker App provides an expertly well put together gaming experience for any poker fan. Excellently constructed for mobile devices, the strong visual approach of the app is a big plus.

888 Poker has made valuable use of its long history in the game with exceptional fine-tuning of its product. The app provides a safe, entertaining and visually impressive easy to enjoy poker wherever you are.

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