Cheeky Girls star Monica Irimia follows twin into new career as car salesperson

The ladies have turned their backs on the world of performing to begin new careers selling new and used cars – and have dreams of opening their own dealership in the coming years

The Cheeky Girls perform The Cheeky Song for Pride in 2017

Former Popstars The Rivals star Monica Irimia will be offering car fans cheeky deals on vehicles as she has followed her sister Gabriela into the world of used car sales.

The 38-year-old twins have reinvented themselves as charismatic business women after throwing in the towel on their pop careers.

Monica and Gabriela performed as The Cheeky Girls from 2002 after they stunned Popstars judges Pete Waterman, Louis Walsh and Geri Horner with a self-penned song, The Cheeky Song, including the immortal lyrics “Don’t be shy/Touch my bum”.

Earlier this month it was revealed that Gabriela had become a car salesperson at a dealership in York selling new and used cars.

The Cheeky Girls are both now selling cars after winding down their pop careers



Now Monica has followed her twin into the world of car sales – but at a different dealership in Lincolnshire.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Monica explained that she and her sister are looking forward to a new way of life.

She said: “Me and Gaby need a solid business for our future and cars will always be good business.

“Being an entertainer is fantastic, but like it was with Covid, if you don’t have a solid job or business how do you survive?

The ladies have been in the spotlight since 2002


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The pair came to prominence via Popstars: The Rivals



“Gigs all disappeared for two years during Covid but we didn’t stop making money.

“Sometimes we only sleep two-three hours to do the gigs and get to work, but it’s worth it.

The star – who hails originally from Transylvania in Romania – went on to explain that she had performed at a festival two weeks ago and managed to get only two hours sleep as she was driven home.

However, the following day, she sold three cars – and says that: “Cars and gigs are out life.”

Meanwhile, Gabriela added that she too is enjoying her new career in car sales – and hinted that she and Monica will eventually open a dealership of their own.

Car buyers have been impressed by the ladies’ sales abilities and have reportedly been leaving “glowing” reviews about their professionalism on review websites.

Earlier this month, the twins’ mother, Margit, explained that turning to car sales was a logical step for the pair.

She said: “Let me ask you this: can you be a Cheeky Girl when you’re 60? She needs to have a business and realises that girl fashion is now cars. Women are changing their cars every year.”

While the girls seem to have hung up their microphones, they have left an impressive legacy despite being a novelty pop act.

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Their debut single Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) hit number 2 in the UK charts and went on to sell 1.2 million copies worldwide.

While subsequent singles Take Your Shoes Of and (Hooray, Hooray) It’s a Cheeky Holiday! both reached number three.

And the girls unleashed two albums – the 2003 debut, PartyTime, which reached silver status in the UK, and second album In My Mind (Is a Different World – A Cheeky One) which was released in 2007.

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